“I believe in innovation and that the way you get innovation is to fund research and learn the basic facts.”

– Bill Gates

Nationwide Recruiting

In qualitative research, you can have a great moderator, full attendance and the finest facilities, but if the recruiting is off spec your study produces data of little value.

This is why we built a company focused on sourcing premium respondents. We start with our decades-developed, comprehensive database to help us find the most qualified respondents. But when we don’t have the people you are looking for, we generate a custom database for you. Our recruiters are highly resourceful, creative professionals, who will go into the field to find the right people for your project. This is how we can take on jobs others turn down.

Over the years JR Research has recruited respondents for every research methodology, in all industries and categories, including consumer products, online research, health, IT, fashion, automotive, insurance, entertainment, medical, political, government and more. And in every major city as well as smaller markets all over the USA.

Resourceful. Creative. Professional.

Fieldwork Management


By maintaining our network of facilities and partners around the world, JR Research ensures expertly managed recruiting in the most appropriate facility for your project’s needs.


Our worldwide affiliates are long-standing partners we work with daily to get your study done on time and on spec.


With the streamlined convenience of one point of contact and one invoice, we provide guidance on every project decision to assure the optimum choice of facilities, moderators, simultaneous translators, transcribers, video and audio recording technicians, hotels and restaurants around the world.

A deep field of expert moderators

Moderation Services

JR Research has a deep pool of moderators with specific expertise, to ensure you best realize your project objectives. A key component in getting valuable data -- a moderator is like an airplane pilot, whose expert skills are essential to reach the destination. Whether doing IT studies, consumer research, or working with CFOs, we can align you with a moderator specializing in the type of research you are conducting.

And JR Research extends this service to our international offices, where interpreting cultural differences becomes a necessary skill to secure the most effective research. And we can facilitate that choice by arranging interviews with moderators before your study begins, to ensure you’ve hired the most appropriate person for the job.

Expertise. Focus. Passion.

The JR Research Difference

  • Facility Recruiting
  • Will employ less experienced recruiters
  • Paid hourly, regardless of results
  • Repeat Respondents
  • Job acceptance limited to existing databases
  • Complex communication flow
  • Limited supervision
  • Many points of contact
  • Acceptable data
  • Professional recruiters
  • Paid per head only
  • Virgin Respondents
  • Will create database per new job requirements
  • Direct communication
  • Direct and meticulous supervision
  • One contact
  • High quality data